Mouth Guards & Snore Appliances



Mouth guards are coverings worn over the teeth to prevent tooth wear and prevent or alleviate jaw problems.


If you clench or grind your teeth during the day or at night a night guard or bite appliance will help prevent devastating tooth wear which can lead to tooth sensitivity, fractured teeth and the need for more extensive dental treatment to fix the damage. 


For those with TMD (temporal mandibular disorders), the splint is designed to stabilize your jaw muscles and jaw joints and should help you feel more comfortable and allow healing to occur. 


A snore guard is an appliance that gently moves the lower jaw in a forward position.  This keeps the upper airway open and allows air to flow freely.  It will help you and your partner experience a quiet and peaceful sleep.


Accidents can happen during contact sports or any recreational activity.  A sport mouth guard can help to limit the risk of mouth related injuries to the lips, tongue and teeth.